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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Cricket Test Series 2016 Game Free Download For PC


ICC Cricket Test Series 2016 Game Free Download For PC for verrity of pltform such as play station and xbox. ICC Cricket Test Series now have started in 2016 and they have lots of teams joined. Now developers have decided to create a PC game that you can Free Download for your PC. It features new layouts, patches, DLCs and maps that massively improve user experience. It comes with loads of improvements for Microsoft Windows and you can play cricket online with your partners as well.

Playing cricket ICC games is very easy especially in this year as new cricketers from EA sports and popular Asian countries were added. Other platforms are also going to be supported including Consoles, Android and iOS. As it comes in a compressed setup and full version it does require to be purchased, and the fun part is that it does not require lots of space for installation. Also it can be played online as there are many servers that you can join and create custom matches

Recommended OS and Hardware Requirement :-

Windows 7 - Windows 8.1 - Windows 10
Processor Type : Pentium 4 - Dual Core - Core2Duo - Core i5
RAM : 1 Gb
Hard Disk : 5 Gb
Graphics GPU: 256 MB
Other Equipment : Gaming Controller - Gaming Mouse - Gaming Keyboard

Details Of Software Package :-

Setup Size : 160 MB
App Version :
Platform :
Licence Type :
Developed By :
Published By :