Gears of War 4 PC Game 2016 Free Download

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Gears of War 4 PC Game 2016 Free Download

Gears of War 4 PC Game 2016 Free Download Ocean of Games

Gears of War 4 PC Game 2016 Free Download Windows XP by Microsoft and Microsoft Xbox One only the game is not yet available for Sony PlayStation. The game will appear in Oct 2016 and its developed by The Coalition and published by Microsoft studios.

Latest Update features of Gears of War 4:-

  • Dynamic resolution support (any resolution will be supported with a sensible dynamic field of view - including ultra-wide).
  • Increased texture resolution (up to 4K resolution for select texture groups)
  • A benchmarking mode.
  • Full keyboard/mouse input remapping (including cover/run and roll split)
  • Far more comprehensive video settings
It will be the fifth installment in the Gears of War series and the fourth main installment. Many gameplay elements from the previous games are retained such as taking cover to avoid damage and performing active reloads. A new feature is the Combat Knife, which can be used for melee attacks and allows new ways to perform executions.New weapons have been introduced as well such as the Drop shot weapon that fires explosive drills and the Buzzkill that fires ricocheting saw blades. Players can also perform a short distance shoulder charge, knocking enemies off balance and enemies can also pull players out of cover and perform their own takedowns The game features 4 categories of weather: from heavy breeze (trees, leaves, dust kicking up) and grow into violent category 3 windstorms that can affect combat and weapon usage

Recommended OS and Hardware Requirement:-

Windows 7 - Windows 8.1 - Windows 10
Processor Type: Pentium 4 - Dual Core - Core2Duo - Core i5
RAM: 1 Gb
Hard Disk: 5 Gb
Graphics GPU: 256 MB
Other Equipment: Gaming Controller - Gaming Mouse - Gaming Keyboard

Details Of Software Package:-

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