How to Use Multiple Whatsapp APK App Free Download

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How to Use Multiple Whatsapp APK App Free Download getintopc

Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Android/iPhone/iPad Mobile Phone(i.e Dual WhatsApp Accounts)) fulfills the desire that exists in every person’s mind that is using dual SIM android phone which is that if we are using two SIMs in one phone then why we can’t run two WhatsApp accounts in one phone. Well now the unthinkable is thinkable and proceeding parts of the article will show the readers of the article that how to make the impossible possible. 

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app all over the world and almost every person who is using a smartphone uses WhatsApp. It is fast, free, convenient and comfortable to use. Though several methods are available in a rooted android phone for running multiple WhatsApp accounts but they suffer from many disadvantages like we won’t get real time notifications of WhatsApp messages.

But now no need to get our android device rooted for running dual WhatsApp accounts on a single device and this has been made possible through Whatsmapp, OGWhatsApp, and GBWhatsapp. However Whatsmapp method no longer works and OGWhatsapp suffers from ‘obsolute error’ so GBWhatsapp is the best method which is working with no complaints yet from users. This article will deal with the method of running two WhatsApp accounts using GBWhatsapp and we will like to remind the readers again that no rooting is required for this method.

Google Android OS :-

Jelly Bean 4.0
Kit Kat 4.4
Lolly Pop 5.0
Marshmallow 6.0

Application Details & Information:-

App Size : 2.9 MB
App Version :
Licence :
Platform : Android Smart Phone
Developer :