MotoGP 15 Free Download For PC

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MotoGP 15 Free Download For PC

MotoGP 15 Free Download For PC Ocean of Games

MotoGP 15 has made a comeback with more compelling features and enhanced user experience. You can compete against riders of MotoGP. Moto2 and Moto3 on 18 different circuits. The Career mode with the introduction of Personal Teams has been prolonged further. The aritificial intelligence and physics of rider and bike has been improved.

MotoGP 15 has come up with lots of new features like now in the Career mode you can create your very own personal teams. You can select the name of your team, choose a logo and give it your own personal style. You can purchase the bike of your choice. At the end of each race in any of the modes you can get multiple GP Credits which depend on the performance of yours during race. You can attract different sponsors by performing well.

MotoGP 15 has got lots of offline as well as online modes . In online mode up to 12 players can play at a time and you can challenge your friends. As mentioned earlier the physics and AI of this game has been improved greatly and the bike’s behavior is very close to the real ones. The graphics of the game are awesome and you will surely have a blast while playing this game.

MotoGP 15 Free Download For PC

Recommended OS and Hardware Requirement :-

Windows 7 - Windows 8.1 - Windows 10
Processor Type : Pentium 4 - Dual Core - Core2Duo - Core i5
RAM : 1 Gb
Hard Disk : 5 Gb
Graphics GPU: 256 MB
Other Equipment : Gaming Controller - Gaming Mouse - Gaming Keyboard

Details Of Software Package :-

Setup Size : 160 MB
App Version :
Platform :
Licence Type :
Developed By :
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MotoGP 15 Free Download For PC